A unique nixie clock from Past indicator

A unique nixie clock from Past indicator - a reminder of the pre-digital era

The nixie clock on nixie tubes from Past Indicator is a unique product on the Russian market. Created entirely by hand from premium wood it seems to immerse you in the past Soviet era.

How do nixie tubes work?

Nixie tubes used in production, were made in the last millennium, in a country that is no longer found on the maps. Past Indicator individually selects each nixie tube, looking for them in old plants and laboratories, modifying and modernizing in such a way that they can last up to 30 years.

Nixie tubes are the forerunner of modern digital displays. In the 1950s and 1970s, such tubes were used in many electronic devices (measuring instruments, calculators, receivers). The look like a medium-sized glass flasks with metal figures inside, located at different depths from each other. The tubes are filled with neon and when the electric charge is applied around the plates of the numbers the neon glows with a pleasant orange shade. The numbers alternate - this is truly a fascinating sight!

Having added modern electronics, the Past indicator presented a second life to nixie tubes, using them in the manufacture of nixie clocks. It is a unique product that will last more than a decade and will become a true family heirloom.