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The Рast-indicator Nixie Clock

Details are important in any area of life, especially in the interior. If you are in search of unique things that will decorate your office or personal space, then you have found it. Clock with a great history and no less great future - ""Past-indicator"". Design development, handmade craftsmen and premium materials are a significant basis for the high quality of our clocks. We are fully confident in the quality of the products, so we declare a proven tube life of 30 years, and provide a guarantee from two to five years on various models. By purchasing the ""Past-indicator"" nixie clock you make a choice in favor of the classics, which is relevant at any time.

A real hit of our workshop is the Vostok-2 Black model, the body of which is made of various valuable wood species: oak, ash, cherry and walnut, moon and red ebony. The rings framing the lamps are made of brass. The unique neon lamps produced in the 1980s (they have not been manufactured for twenty-five years) will finally convince you that this desk clock is different from all that you have seen before. Our clocks are a rare idea with great design, intelligent electronics and perfect handwork.

The ""Titan"" model has a body made of solid beech wood with a nobly brutal shade of ""dark"". The steel protection around the red nixie tubes give the clock an element of brutality. Nixies for this model were produced earlier in the German Democratic Republic in the 70-80s. This model will be an excellent gift for dear man or leader.

The bodies of the refined vintage models Mercury-3 are made of genuine leather of a dark shade. Such a variant of a multifunctional desk clock would be an excellent addition to the office of a real lady or a cozy addition in a stylish home for a couple who appreciate comfort and coziness.

The ""Mercury-4"" desk clock is distinguished by its exquisite design. The body is made of genuine leather, but the top cover has an aged look. Brass elements are embedded along the perimeter, which are fastened with small nails.

The ""Past-indicator"" nixie clock is made for people who love classic, retro, vintage and handicraft. For young modern people who prefer objects of urban design, we offer the Saturn-C model of concrete. This model is presented in more than 20 variations in color and structure of concrete, as well as variants painted by artists by hand. Nixie tubes are a unique element that favorably distinguishes our clock from others. Give your loved ones gifts that will cause delight. With love and respect, the Past Indicator team.