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Unique Saturn-C clock - a luxury available to everyone!

Brutal model with an original design and a truly masculine character. The base is made of a single piece of concrete, which in some places we have been artificially destroyed it by acid; rings around the nixie tubes, power connector, buttons and legs are made of brass.

Saturn-C clock are distinguished by increased economy and durability. Nixie tubes with our electronics can last up to 30 years, and, if necessary, they can be replaced without soldering. It is delivered in original brown kraft cardboard box, complete with specially aged manual. Our company provides a 2 year warrantee on the basic model line.

Saturn clock will be an excellent addition to any modern interior and will attract rapt views in any location. They will become a bright element in the interior of the office, the original decor of the living room, a stylish assistant in the bedroom.