type: Dark I

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1 week



Titan Dark I nixie tube clock

Past Indicator handmade nixie tube clock is a truly unique product in the Russian and foreign markets. Created on the basis of nixie tubes, it combines the charm of a retro style, and modern electronics adds to our adaptability.

Titan Dark I nixie tube clock - is not just a stylish accessory, it is a truly unique, rare thing. The nixies used in the production of this model were created in the 70s-80s, in another millennium, in a country that no longer exists, it can be said in another era! The vitality of the tubes is 30 years, which will make it possible to please more than one generation, and it may become a family relic.

Titan Dark I is not only style, but also reliability. The body is made of solid beech and brass, steel shields are installed around the nixies, German indicators Z570M are used. An extended warranty of 5 years is provided.
nixie tube clock is supplied in a premium black box with gold stamping, with a personalized certificate and original aged instructions printed on tracing paper.