type: Ashwood




Vostok-2 clock - retro in modern adaptation

Vostok-2 clock is a sample of elegance and good taste. A strict laconic design, stylish accessories and retro nixies immerse into the atmosphere of a classic English interior. Elegant restraint and classic luxury characteristic of the epoch were embodied in the materials used in production. The base of the clock is made of solid ash, with a slight effect of burning wood with open fire. The pleasant rough texture gives additional charm, it is nice not only to look at them, but you want to use them.

Reliability worthy of compliments is the Vostok-2 clock. Retro nixie tubes can last up to 30 years, and if necessary, they can be replaced without soldering. The nixie clock from Past Indicator will be not only a worthy and memorable gift, but also a truly family inheritance.