type: Black marble




Saturn-5 tube desk clock

An elite model for true connoisseurs of luxury who prefer premium materials and high quality workmanship. The clock body is made by hand from a single piece of natural black marble, rings around nixies, power connectors, buttons and legs are made of brass. For the unity of style, the base of the legs is decorated with genuine black leather. Tube desk clock - this is not just a style, it is a truly unique rare thing, each nixie used in production is selected individually, most often it is old production and laboratories of the 70-80s. The service life of nixie tubes is 30 years and, if necessary, provides for the replacement of nixies without soldering.

Every detail in the Saturn-5 model is thought out to the smallest detail:
- the date is displayed in European and American format,
- 24- and 12-hour time display mode,
- LED lights with the ability to turn off
- the ability to set 2 alarms
- 2 modes of changing numbers, classic and overlaid
- adjustable brightness
- run of numbers from 0 to 9 every 10 minutes to prolong the life of the lamps
- saving the time when the power is off

It is delivered in a premium black box with gold embossing, complete with a personalized gift certificate and instructions on aged paper
The Saturn 5 tube desk clock will be a spectacular piece of interior and an unforgettable gift.