МАРС-2024 новая коллекция от Past Indicator

New collection the nixie clock

Past indicator has developed a unique limited edition series - MARS 2024 - dedicated to the colonization of Mars. Inspiration served as a bold and daring idea of Elon Musk - the flight of a man to Mars in 2024.

Martian Stone Model

The design of the clock turned out to be as bold and daring as the idea itself! The original body is made entirely by hand from noble red marble, stylized as a Martian stone texture, complemented by a stylish logo designed specifically for the MARS-2024 collection.

Street Art Model 

The clock is based on a concrete model Saturn-C, created by designer Jaroslav Minsonzhnikov, and the final touches - hand-painted - belong to the calligrapher Roman Neofidi

Rocket Launch Model

The concept of this model was invented and implemented by our main body master - Peter Vasilyevich. As conceived by the master, the model body embodies the relief surface of the planet Mars, and the titanium material taken as the basis is a very strong metal and is widely used in rocket production.

The clocks from the “MARS 2024” series will succinctly fit into the futuristic design, dilute the modern urban design or become a spectacular accent in the classic interior.

Popular models



Martian stone


Street Art


Rocket Launch